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IntoCartoon Pro Editor's Review

If you would like to create sketches or graphic representations you might try 'Intocartoon Pro'. It is intended to help you convert your photos. The program features a easy to use interface, once you've read the 'Help' file, because there are very few hints about the functionality of the buttons.

In order to convert a photo you have to go through four steps. After you select the photo you'll use and select the 'Into cartoon' option from the 'Cartoon' menu you have to adjust the image size. The 'Sketch' is the next step where, as the name suggests, your photo will be shown as a sketch. Now you can adjust the darkness, the details, and the smoothness. The third step is the one where you can do some adjustments to the color scale, smooth, or border blur. Its name is 'Color Step 1'. The 'Color Step 2' is the fourth . It allows you to adjust the brightness, the contrast, the saturation, and the basic colors: red, green, and blue.

The number of features is rather small for a program like this but nevertheless the results look good. You will use two layers: sketch layer and coloring layer. Those layers have 2 attributes: visible and drawable. This will ease a little bit your work because if you want to look at the original picture you have to uncheck the 'Visible' attribute of those two layers. As I mentioned before you have to read the 'Help' file in order to fully understand how this program works. After you finish editing your photo you can save it or you can copy it to clipboard in order to paste it on to another program.

The user interface doesn't look very good but at least it's intuitive.

Pluses: The results look very nice after you learn how to use the program.

Drawbacks / flaws: To few features and the price is to high.

In conclusion: I look forward for the next release hopping that it will bring more features and a redesigned user interface.

version reviewed: 2.2

IntoCartoon Pro Publisher's Description

IntoCartoon is a software application that will help you to convert photo into cartoon or other graphic representations. By this software, you can make out a exquisite cartoon or a illustration from a photo in few seconds. Sometimes people couldn't figure out whether it's computer art or hand-drawn.

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What's New in Version 3.1 of IntoCartoon Pro

Ver3.0: 1) A new algorithm for color reduction; 2) A new algorithm for harping lines; 3) A fast algorithm for blur; 4) Added "Blur" to the Adjustments menu; 5) Supports Microsoft Vista. Ver3.1: Bug Fix: Some errors in the help file have been fixed.

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